Nalini Malani

Nalini Malani

Beautiful Installation work by Nalini Malani. Through the work In search of Vanished Blood the viewer is immersed into a new world and atmosphere created by both the sounds and projections of the acrylic cylinders.

Amazing work at Documenta 13


It has been almost two years since I saw this work by Paul Noble at the Tate Britain and it never ceases to inspire, amaze and leave me speechless. Noble’s Fictional world entitled Nobson Newton is the reason I began to look into fictional worlds in the visual arts. His intricate and meticulous drawings inspire me to keep practising and perfect my drawing techniques. Two years later and I still dream of standing in front of this work and being utterly entranced. I have no words for how amazing his work is!

Charles Avery

Charles Avery

One of my most influential artists! His work inspires me everyday to keep creating and building on my fictional world. His book and project titled An Introduction to the Islanders’ has been open in front of me every time I begin working and never ceases to amaze me.Avery is a truly amazing young artist and I hope that some day I will 1/10th  the artist he is. 

Matthew Barney’s Cremaster Cycle

Matthew Barney’s Cremaster Cycle

Matthew Barney’s Cremaster Cycle is an extremely interesting and twisted collection of videos. This artist is very complexed and through this body of work tackles the differentiation between genders. The title of the project refers to the muscle which raises and lowers the testicles.

Interesting take on art and narrative merged.

Typography Lecture- Maltatype

Typography Lecture

During one of our Digital Identity units we were given a small introduction into typography and here is a link of a tumblr page dedicated to local typography found round malta! very interesting and more personal when its local. Makes you appreciate local talent as well as the smaller details some might miss!

The Sinking World of Andreas Franke

The Sinking World of Andreas Franke

This a well known commercial photographer who now choses to focus on Fine Arts. Franke has created his own underwater fictional work by super imposing real life happenings with that of an underwater sunken vessel. This fusion of two worlds project a ghost-like world found deep in the ocean

His work is very innovative along with his exhibiting techniques… these works were actually  exhibited underwater on the vessel itself, using images which were sealed with plexiglass and encased in stainless steal with magnets (to adhere to the ship). The viewers were asked to scuba dive and view the works on the sunken vessel itself, creating  a whole new term for innovate installations.